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  • Posted January 23, 2015

What's my Heating Oil Usage?

As more and more families are choosing to buy heating oil directly using online resources such as ezHomeHeating.com, they have to learn how to manage their heating oil consumption. This is very important because families need to budget for heating fuel costs and also remember to order oil at the right time.

Running out of heating oil can be disastrous especially during the frigid winter months. Not to mention the extra costs incurred due to emergency fuel deliveries and the likely need to prime your heating system.

This post will attempt to give you some insight into calculating your Heating Oil Consumption so you can make informed decisions.

There are several factors which determine how much oil you will use - you location, the size of your house, how well its insulated, how warm you keep it, size of your family, the size and efficiency of your furnace etc. But the single largest determining factor is how cold it gets outside.

Average Temperature

Here's a chart of the historical average monthly temperatures in our home state of Massachusetts. We created this chart using data available at weatherbase.com over the past 59 years. You can get the average temperature in your City/State by searching on their website.

Average Temperatures in Massachusetts

Oil Usage at various temperatures

The next piece of data you need is how much oil you'll burn as a function of temperature. Here's a chart we put together based on data from tevisenergy.com

Approximate Heating Oil Usage in Massachusetts

Rough Calculations

From the chart, the approximate Oil usage at 30F is 5.3 gals/day

Based on this data, the approximate monthly oil consumption for the month of December can be calculated as = 5.3 gals/day * 31 days = 164 gallons.

Please remember that these calculations are approximate and will likely vary for each household. They are meant to serve as a quick reference.


Your heating oil consumption will vary monthly and will be highest during the coldest months of December, January and February. Its important to understand your heating oil consumption during these cold months and monitor the gauge on your Oil Tank.

We recommend that you order heating oil as soon as the oil gauge gets to 1/4.

Heating Oil Tank Guage
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