Who are we?

ezHomeHeating.com is a fast-growing online marketplace of heating fuel dealers in the US.

What is our Mission?

Offer home owners a clean & simple platform to compare local heating fuel vendors & prices.

Why Use Us?

Quite simply because when dealers compete for your business.. you WIN!

What is ezHomeHeating.com?

ezHomeHeating.com has a simple goal: To help homeowners save money on their home heating bills.
We are an open online marketplace where heating fuel dealers compete with each other and you save money! The sole purpose of our service is to enable homeowners find heating fuel at the lowest prices.

How can you benefit from our service?

Search and Save

To find the best prices, just enter your town/zip code and Search. We will show prices from heating fuel dealers who deliver to your town/zip code.
Heating fuel dealers compete for your business by offering you their best prices combined with great service. This competition puts you in a winning position and you can get your home heated in the most affordable manner.

No Fees/No Mark-ups

You don’t have to pay anything to use our website, as our service is absolutely free. We do not mark-up any prices posted by the dealer either. It’s like buying fuel directly from the fuel dealer without paying anything to any third party.

No Account Needed

You don’t need to create an account with us to place an order. Simply search for the lowest price in your neighbourhood and place your order. We’ll send you an email with your order details and detailed information about your heating fuel dealer. The dealer will contact you shortly to discuss payment terms and schedule your delivery. It’s that simple!

Lots of Satisfied Customers

Your satisfaction constitutes our revenue and the countless satisfied users and stellar reviews are the proof of the effectiveness of our service. We are confident that once you try us, you will always use us before buying heating fuel!

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any other quesitons, please contact us at customer.support@ezHomeHeating.com

FAQs - Homeowners

Yes, absolutely free. We don't charge you any fees nor do we markup dealer prices. You always get the absolute lowest prices offered by the dealer.
No. Simply search for lowest prices in your neighborhood and place your order online. As soon as the dealer receives your order they will contact you to schedule your delivery and payment terms. Most dealers provide next day delivery. You pay the dealer directly after they deliver oil – so no middleman fees.
Quite simply because When dealers compete for your business.. you WIN! We have a nationwide network with strong local focus. Our dealers update their prices daily so you'll always get lowest prices.
Yes. We take your personal information very seriously. Therefore our website uses 128-bit SSL encryption. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.
You start by placing your orders here. Once the order is placed we will send you an email & notify the dealer. The dealer will contact you directly via email or phone to schedule your delivery details and to discuss payment terms.
You pay the dealer directly based on previously agreed upon terms. Most dealers do business on a Cash–On–Delivery COD basis. This helps them keep their costs at a minimum and offer you the lowest prices. Some dealers will accept credit cards. Please be aware that there maybe additional bank fees associated with credit card transactions. Either ways, the dealer will always provide your detailed payment terms before scheduling the oil delivery.
Currently ezHomeHeating.com is only available within the US. However since our launch, we have received a large number of enquiries from users outside the US. We are very excited about this and working hard to offer our service internationally soon.
Please contact your dealer directly. In 99.9% of the cases, they will be able to assist you and address all your concerns. However if your issues aren't resolved after discussing with the dealer, email us at customer.support@ezHomeHeating.com and we'll gladly mediate with the dealer on your behalf. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a status update.

FAQs - Heating Fuel Dealers

Glad you asked! We are the only service with a Nationwide Dealer Network and an ever growing customer base. We can help boost you online sales and drive new customers to you. If less than 20% of your business is coming from online sales, then you should definately take a look at us. Click here for full benefit details of joining our network.
We send orders via email & text messages – so you can respond quickly. Our service is up 24x7, so we'll send orders day or night.
As often as you want – by simply logging into your account . We encourage you to update prices daily because customers are more inclined to place orders with dealers who post up-todate prices.
Our orders will provide you with the customer's email & phone information. Please contact the customer quickly to schedule a delivery and to discuss your various payment options. Then deliver oil promptly as you always do and collect payment directly from the customer.
Our pricing is very competitive and comes out to be much lower than what you are currently spend on traditional media advertising. Our pricing plans are designed for the independent dealers of all sizes. Please Contact Us and our Sales Team will happily provide you with our detailed pricing plans.
You can always email us 24x7 at dealer.support@ezHomeHeating.com. During business hours you can reach us at (888) 611-0255.
Welcome Aboard!. We are so excited that you have decided to join us. Please click here and send us your contact information. Someone from our Sales Team will contact you shortly and setup your account.